'A wide-ranging and substantive festival covering all aspects of the world of image and media'. This is how we like to describe the International Festival of the Image Rotterdam (IBFR). The festival was launched on 30 & 31 October in the Lloyd District in Rotterdam. The IBFR embraces both a broad focus and a broad definition of the notion of the image - essential when presenting a cross-section of the image culture and related industries. With this in mind the IFBR offers an edgy mix not only of disciplines but also of creators, conceptualisers, inspirers and consumers from the worlds of both traditional and digital media. The substantive programme of seminars, presentations and installations make the festival a must for originators, commissioners, students and all those interested in the phenomenon of the image.

Communication in a Digital Age
The Beeldfestival presentations on visual studies in the humanities, Internet imageboards and visual tagging were added and organized in collaboration with "Communication in a Digital Age", which is is one of the partners of the International Beeldfestival Rotterdam.

The festival is unique: there is no other festival in the Netherlands or elsewhere devoted to such diverse aspects of the world of the image and their interrelationships. The wide-ranging and substantive programme has been achieved in close concert with municipal agencies and creative groups. The Rotterdam-based 'Institute of Form & Image' is the organisational force behind the festival. Our ambition is to make the IBFR a major and ever-expanding annual event. Check it out and visit the festival next year!

Festival 2009

This first edition of the Internationaal Beeldfestival Rotterdam featured a two day programme of speakers, presentations, screenings, interactive installations and music.
In and around the Schiecentrale visitors could enjoy a special keynote program by the WDKA/PietZwart Institute, selections showed from HAFF, Celluloid Remix, City Media Rotterdam, UPLOAD CINEMA and Rocket Cinema, installations from Pictoplasma, lightworks by Jonas Vorwerk, CO2RO & Polyorf Pervers and a spectaculair lightshow by David Louf/Out of Order.

Photo's by Hannah Anthonysz, Pieter van Roijen, Wendy Wolf and Ron Gessel.
You may also want to check out the IBFR blog by Sandra de Haan/WDKA.